Gold and pearl toothpaste: Here’s how Atkinz Group is entering the UAE market


Retail group Atkinz is seeking grow its regional presence by creating unique luxury products reveals Mojtaba Shekofteh, the group’s founder and CEO

As a diversified conglomerate, what kind of impact has Covid-19 had on your operations?

The Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown measures implemented by some countries have had an adverse impact on business operations and supply chains for most FMCG companies, and our company is no exception. We experienced disruptions to both the supply chain as well as the retail network. After the global outbreak of Covid-19, we were somehow blinded by a paucity of suppliers and geographic risk. The pandemic brought the fragility of our global supply chain into sharp focus. As a result, we are rethinking our strategy around the world in order to be able to thrive and evolve when the next Black Swan disruption strikes.

Coming to the UAE, how has regional business been in 2020?

Swident, one of our brands, produces premium quality toothpaste products in Switzerland such as Genuine Gold toothpaste and Pearl Powder toothpaste. We had planned to launch these Swiss-made luxury toothpaste products in the UAE in September 2019, but among the many things that didn’t go to plan, was the pandemic that led to delays throughout our supply chain.

Therefore 2020 became ‘year zero’ for our company in the GCC. Our former assumptions for the UAE market no longer remain relevant, and consequently we are now reconsidering our business model to mitigate the risks in the UAE market and to find out whether the existing business model is flexible enough to reduce both short-term and long-term costs and help in recovery.

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