ATKINZ GROUP is a conglomerate company headquartered in London and Dubai and industrial manufacturing and service provider company in Europe with branch offices abroad. The principal divisions of the company are Oral Care, Food & Beverages, Fashion, Tourism and Investment which represent the main activities of the company.

SWIDENT is a Swiss-born brand committed to offering a wide array of oral hygiene and cosmetic dental products in addition to educational services aimed at creating a path for accessibility towards wellness. SWIDENT, has no intention of limiting its reach for users, which combined with the demands of a growing consumer market, allows for the brand to offer its products to a wider array of consumers.

NESWISS is a Swiss brand for confectioneries and coffee. It is distinguished with a menu of chocolates, and coffee products with all-natural and premium ingredients.
With a precise palate and dedication to the chocolate craft, our chocolates are carefully produced with all the delicacies of a handcrafted manufacture.