With the availability of advancing technology, today’s growing consumer needs are creating the necessity for emerging markets. Accordingly, this growth in technology enables consumers to seek more and more readily available information about their personal health. Consumers are interested in products and services that suit and can be adapted to their specific lifestyle; which, now more than ever, places wellness as its foundation. This notion is a motivating factor for the ATKINZ Personal Care division to diversify within its brands and gain leverage through product offerings.

At ATKINZ, we have found out that healthcare needs are largely unmet within specific areas such as oral care, wellness, and skin care. Therefore, our brand SWIDENT aims to not only fill the market gaps but also set the standard in oral care and dental cosmetics.
We believe that oral care is an important contributor to overall health and wellbeing. For this reason, the core determining factor of success for SWIDENT will be its ability to provide our customers with products and services which aim to aid in achieving an optimal state of oral health. The SWIDENT team aspires to instill confidence in individuals and inspire healthier communities by delivering original, reliable, innovative, and globally conscious, Swiss premium products.
Through engaging community dialogue along with research and development efforts, the Personal Care division at ATKINZ aims to create changes by targeting efforts first towards identifying the root issues present in the global personal care sector and developing innovative solutions for sustainable progress.
In order to develop competitive products, the R&D team will promote unique and effective formulas through merely using the ingredients whose safety and effectiveness we are certain of. By establishing strategic partnerships for development, we will seek to invest in white-hot technology to enable consumers to meet their essential needs with ease.