In recent years, the Middle East and especially the UAE has become a premier destination for the latest high fashion and textile. Available brands offer products ranging from exclusive luxury through affordable fashion, targeting the diverse population of residents and tourists in the region.
The ATKINZ Clothing and Fashion division is dedicated to applying quality and innovation towards the design of merchandise that encompass beauty and comfort. Our division includes development of a wide variety of women’s clothing, with especial focus on intimate apparel available through the LA Secret brand, offering products such as nightwear, sleepwear, lingerie products for young women and mothers as well as swimwear and shape wear.
We have set competitive goals for a competitive market, aiming to achieve 10 percent market share within the next two years. We hope to achieve our goals by zeroing in on integration of our physical store with online sales and by establishing presence over a wide geographical region. Our dedicated team works in close communication and collaboration with stakeholders and members of our supply chain to be able to closely monitor and meet market demands. To do so, we are committed to setting the highest standards of our global corporate supply chain in labour, safety, sustainability, and quality of our products.