ATKIN GROUP is a conglomerate company headquartered in London and Dubai and industrial manufacturing and service provider company in Europe with branch offices abroad. The principal divisions of the company are Oral Care, Food & Beverages, Fashion, Tourism and Investment which represent the main activities of the company.

  • 2007: Mojtaba Shekofteh (CEO of ATKINZ GROUP) co-founded SEMTEX LLC in the U.A.E
  • 2017: Mojtaba Shekofteh founded AIRGENERAL Limited in Hong Kong, specializing in manufacturing air-conditioning systems.
  • 2018: The birth of ATKINZ GROUP as a manufacturing and service provider conglomerate and assets management company of ATKINZ family of brands and companies.

As a holding company active in fashion, food and beverage, personal care, tourism and hospitality, as well as the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning sectors, we have made quality and sustainability the benchmarks of our work. These values not only apply to the production and delivery of our products and services, they are also reflected in our human resource management and our love for mother Earth.

Our Investment Strategy:

Our investment strategy focuses on running sustainable companies and projects rooted in circular economy. Our foremost objective is to support innovative companies and brands by co-financing future-oriented concepts and ideas. We avoid political risk, as well as unethical investments such as tobacco and weapons industries. As value investors, we think like entrepreneurs, not speculators. The basic idea behind all our investment policies is value investing. We take an entrepreneurial approach to generating value by creating long-term, sustainable market leaders. We aim to participate in not only market-leading sectors, but also cyclical and non-cyclical business sectors as well. Therefore, we invest in companies and projects whose earning power and future potential have not been sufficiently rewarded by the financial market at the time of investment.

Our Corporate Strategy:

We are repositioning ourselves from an investment and asset management company into an industrial holding company.

We leverage our expertise in the area of corporate development to strengthen our subsidiaries and brands, grow their businesses and, when warranted, support them in their expansion and globalisation. We encourage and organise dialogue, intercompany exchange of ideas and cooperation between our companies and brands in areas of research and development, human resources management, and by providing equal opportunity for young talent and women. We believe that the success of our company is the result of hard work and contributions of our enthusiastic managers in their respective fields. Therefore, and equally important, is our ability to establish and embrace a Holarctic approach and allow independence of our subsidiaries.

Our Competitive Strategy:

To further improve competitiveness, we leverage our strength as a vertically integrated consumer-goods manufacturer and service provider to ensure the availability and quality of materials served to our customers. In order to achieve these goals, we adopt a vertical growth strategy based on risk assessment to be able to coordinate different stages of supply chain for our brands. We aspire to be globally balanced while remaining locally anchored and establishing close networks with our supply chain through a cross-functional approach for optimal use of suppliers’ potentials.