Food & Beverages

Increasing demands for lower prices, growing concern for environmental sustainability and protection, and constantly emerging methods of shopping, are driving factors for the ATKINZ Food and Beverage division. Among these factors, we strongly believe in balancing business growth with social equity and equality for both the environment, our supply chain, and consumers as top agendas of of the ATKINZ GROUP. This stems from our vision that consumers and our host communities are not merely marketing targets for business, but rather they allow for creation of synergetic relationships between business and community to promote mutually beneficial progress. Starting with our NeSwiss coffee and chocolate brand, we aspire to help people live more enjoyable, healthier lives.

We’ve created a business model that begins with gaining in-depth consumer insight feeding brand innovation and sustainability. Our brands and campaigns seek to develop strategic partnerships with dynamic and growing global suppliers and organizations to provide consumer products of the highest quality with competitive market pricing. We hope to inspire these values and visions by placing a high standard on managing and controlling the entire value chain from development of products and services, through distribution and comprehensive consumer service throughout the entire product life-cycle.